Mobile IT Consultants

As a small, privately owned, mobile IT consultancy, devDogz delivers a unique blend of information technology services in a personalized format.  Unlike offshore or physically constrained IT companies, devDogz’s mobility allows for thorough one-on-one service in your specific environment.  Many times, devDogz’s consultants are able to address your needs remotely, from any location.  However, when this is not the case, we travel to your site in order to work directly with your team to fulfill your specific requirements.  All of our consultants are US Citizens.

Flexible Timeframes

devDogz provides a unique timeline offering.  No engagement is too short.  We understand that sometimes you need to augment your staff for a couple days or a week.  Perhaps the completion of a specific task or set of tasks is continually pushed off due to high work loads on your team.  devDogz provides experienced consultants to fill these gaps.  We save you money by eliminating the need to hire another permanent employee while increasing your performance and productivity by ensuring all of your loose ends are tied up. 

Enterprise Storage/Virtualization and Custom Software Development

Our services fall into two specialties: enterprise storage/virtualization and custom software development.  Our highly skilled professionals are not only proficient in their individual specialties but they also work together to form highly cohesive cross-disciplinary solutions.  For a complete list of the individual technologies devDogz specializes in, visit our Technical Specialties page.